The Wicked Writings of a Necro-Witch



Oh the power!!!

I have never felt such a surge in all my wicked years. Is that what I’m longing? A coven? Is the practice of the White Arts become too simple to feed my supernatural hunger? Or am I simply just getting bored with myself?

A part of me is shocked i actually went through with helping the “Master” with the resurrection of Hallow.  I know what evil will come. But another part of me, a darkness I’d never explored, felt a rush so intense & so satisfying. I stood in awe watching the other witches cut into their palms with the dagger, then it was my turn. I placed the blood covered blade in my hand and without flinching or even an ounce of regret, i sliced through my palm. Their blood mixing with mine. A wave of excitement jolted within my core when i chanted the words. As the spell began to fullfill its purpose, the power of Four, united, was almost too strong to withstand but i drew in all its force, its energy and enjoyed every second.

Although Hallow has now returned, with my help maybe for the worst, I’ve come to believe that i am more than the good little witch everyone has come to know. Something has changed.  Something is simmering deep in my gut and I feel much stronger & more powerful than that moment when I walk towards the circle that night.

I tasted what i truly am…And i liked it.


Louisiana Bound

At last, We are home!

Bobby and I returned late Saturday night. Our search for a home continues. Thanks to my source, i found out that the war: Vampires vs. Witches was over and my home-coming would be a safe one.

I will say, I miss being summoned by Eric and reconciling Pam‘s expenses. I haven’t seen my Vampire friends yet but I look forward to the reunion.

As for my nemesis Hallow, rumor has it she’s dead, that’s a body i have to see…Her brother Mark ain’t just eye candy, I’m sure he’s got some tricks up his sleeve.

So many theories to investigate…and now I have a Source to help!

Bon Temps/Shreveport ain’t what it seems!

And I’m ready for the mystery it brings!

Home Coming

I was sitting out in the clearing, where land meets water, listening to the waves crash on the banks of our property. And I suddenly got an uneasy feeling in my gut. This usually happens when someone I know and care for is threatened in some way.

We moved to the isle of Skye; Bobby, the zombie twins and the pups. Mostly to get away from Shreveport but also to find ourselves. We needed space to really understand who we were and what we we’re to become, so we left the comfort of our home in Louisiana to move to Scotland. And our quest was successful, we discovered many deep family secrets and our bond has strengthened.

I couldn’t help the uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach so I raced to the house, flew by Bobby sitting in the kitchen and headed straight for the office. There it was, in an email, the devastating news that Eric and his Progeny, Pam we’re under siege by witches. My sources told me to stay clear until the Vampires took care of the situation that I wouldn’t be safe to return to Shreveport until the wiccan in question was vanquished.

I sat staring at the computer feeling hopeless. For years I served Eric Northman and this time I couldn’t do a thing. I felt useless.

Bobby came in the room, noticed what I was reading and placed his hands on my shoulders. He reassured me that Eric & Pam would survive, that they would kick this evil witch’s ass to the curb and send her off on her broom back to where she came from. He tried to convince me that if there was any witch to rule Shreveport & Bon Temps, there was no one more powerful than me. A sweet effort and I forced an uneasy smile then looked up to him and nodded, telling him once it’s safe…

It’s time to go home….